In Person Meetings Resume!


All Township meetings will return to “in-person” public meetings – we are excited to be able to resume our regular public meetings beginning with the Township’s Regular Board of Trustees meeting on June 10th at 7 p.m. in...

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Township Phones


We are experiencing problems with the Township phone system and are currently unable to receive or make calls out on our business lines.  Emergency lines have not been affected by this issue. Technicians are working to resolve this as quickly as...

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Bridge Flowers


A huge THANK YOU to Pick’s at Portage Lakes for planting and maintaining our Ned Mohrman Bridge flowers this year!  The planters that were donated by The Portage Lakes Young Professionals several years ago look absolutely beautiful!  We...

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Clean Water Practices

We all live in a watershed!     See below for links to printable brochures created by Summit Soil and Water Conservation District to educate us on the importance of clean water practices to help keep our wetlands healthy!...

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