Coventry Community Center

335 E. Willowview Drive, Coventry Township, OH 44319

The Coventry Senior Community Center was dedicated in 1996 on the site of the old PLAY Center on Willowview Dr.  In 2018 the Board of Trustees re-dedicated the facility as the Coventry Community Center to be used as a rental and civic center for the entire community.

Please contact the Administration Office for rental availability at 330-644-0785, ext. 690 or via email at [email protected] 

2022 Rental Rates:
  • Deposit:  $100
  • Resident rental:  $150
  • Non-Resident rental: $200

NO smoking, NO gambling and NO Disc Jockeys allowed.

NO alcoholic beverages except as expressly permitted as outlined below.

  1. If alcohol is provided at no cost at your event, no permit is required from Coventry Township or the State of Ohio. However, the function must be by invitation only, not open to the public, and no admission fee can be charged.
  2. If alcohol is sold, or there is an entry fee for your event, the State of Ohio requires you (or your caterer if applicable) to obtain and hold a liquor permit.
  3. Coventry Township will provide you with the necessary information to contact the State of Failure to obtain the required permit will result in a forfeiture of your security deposit and could constitute a criminal offense.
  4. A Summit County Deputy must be on site during the entire duration of your event and for at least one-half hour thereafter if alcohol is sold or served at your event. All costs of the Deputy shall be at your expense. Please call 330-643-2862 to schedule your Deputy.
  5. No exceptions.

MAXIMUM OCCUPANCY of *80 people for a period of 6 hours including the time it takes to set up for the function and clean up afterwards.

NOTHING shall be taped, pinned, or affixed to any fixture in the Community Center (this includes the walls, ceiling, and windows.)

NOTHING shall be taped, pinned, or affixed to the bare tables and chairs.

All renters of the Coventry Community Center will be responsible for clean-up after use by doing the following OR your deposit will be forfeited and future user privileges could be revoked.

  1. Clean all sinks and Countertops
  2. Wipe all tables clean and return them to their storage area.
  3. Return all chairs to their storage area.
  4. Sweep and mop all floors. (broom and mop are located in the closet)
  5. Restrooms must be left in clean condition and trash removed.
  6. Trash bags will be supplied by the renter and all trash is to be removed from the building and placed in the dumpster located at the back of the lower parking lot.

ALL damages to the Coventry Community Center or its contents therein shall be charged for accordingly.

Please click here to download our  COMMUNITY CENTER RENTAL AGREEMENT