ISSUE 34 – Coventry Parks & Recreation Levy

ISSUE 34 – Coventry Parks & Recreation Levy


  • ISSUE 34 Is for the replacement of our existing .5 mill Parks and Recreation Levy with an increase of .25 mills.
  • ISSUE 34 if passed will allow us to make much needed improvements to the infrastructure of our parks and recreational facilities.
  • Cost to the owner of a $100,000 home will be $26.26 per year or $2.19 per month with first collection in 2023.

Thanks to voters in 2018, the existing Parks Levy was created. Those funds have helped upgrade fencing at Cottage Grove and Ingleside Fields, but we need major improvements in other areas as well.  As we all know, costs have increased and our infrastructure is failing at Logan Field, Lockwood Park, Ingleside Softball Fields, and the Community/PLAY Center Park.  We have plans for a new Fieldhouse at Logan and a complete renovation/upgrade of the Lockwood Tennis Courts to a multi-use court that will include pickleball.  We were forced to remove playground equipment at Lockwood due to its age and condition and are hoping to replace it as soon as possible. The Community Center needs some exterior attention with cracking stucco and foundation improvements needed. We also plan to integrate the Clock Tower landscape into the new dam area to create a walking path. We do have funds from the American Rescue Plan that will help cover the cost of the first phase of the new fieldhouse and are actively seeking grants to help offset costs for new playing surfaces, and playground equipment. If COVID has taught us anything, it’s that outdoor recreation spaces for ourselves and for our children are truly essential.


  • Currently the Township’s parks are maintained with a very small budget to cover mowing and emergency repairs. Our parks are heavily used and in need of major improvements to field surfaces and buildings. Our fieldhouse structures are outdated and no longer within code requirements for the health department and ADA access—we have been working to address these issues for several years.  With the exception of fencing repairs, no major improvements to our parks have been made since the mid-to-late ‘90’s.
  • ISSUE 34 will provide additional funds to build a new field house at Logan Field. The first phase of the project will be funded with American Rescue Plan funds, but additional funding will be needed to complete the project.
  • ISSUE 34 will allow us to appropriate funding for a new multi-use court at Lockwood Park with new, updated playground equipment. This is the only park in the Township with a playground area.
  • ISSUE 34 will provide fencing and backstop replacement and improvements are needed at all of our parks—most of them were installed in the mid-nineties.
  • ISSUE 34 will provide funding to renovate and or replace the concession stand and pavilion at Ingleside Park as well as replace fencing where needed.
  • ISSUE 34 if passed, will provide funds to repair the concrete pad at the Clock Tower and integrate the landscape into the new dam area creating more of a “park-like” feel to our downtown waterfront.
  • ISSUE 34 will The Community Center building needs exterior repairs and paint—this building has not had any major exterior improvements since it’s dedication in 1996.
  • ISSUE 34 will continue to support maintenance and repairs of all of our existing parks.

Existing Logan Fieldhouse above – plans for the new Logan Fieldhouse below


COVENTRY TOWNSHIP Proposed Tax Levy (Replacement & Increase)

A replacement of 0.5 mill of an existing levy and an increase of 0.25 mill, to constitute a tax for the benefit of Coventry Township for the purpose of purchasing, appropriating, operating, maintaining, and improving lands for parks or recreational purposes at a rate not exceeding 0.75 mill for each one dollar of valuation, which amounts to 7.5 cents for each one hundred dollars in valuation, for 5 years, commencing in 2023, first due in calendar year 2024.