Work Remains on Schedule for Dam Improvements

Work this Week


This week, to ensure dam safety during the construction of the new East Reservoir dam, the Cat Swamp was dewatered. ODNR installed temporary docks at the south embankment near the Clock Tower as an alternative water access solution for the affected residents. The Cat Swamp will be allowed to refill next year after construction is completed.


Deep-soil mixing at the south embankment structure finished in late-May; additional site work in that area continues.


Ruhlin continues the rehabilitation of the south spillway, near the Clock Tower. This includes installing new rebar and pouring new concrete.


Deep-soil mixing (building of the new dam) on the main embankment also continues.


What to Expect


Starting in late July, demolition of the north gatewell will begin in the north embankment (near the Cat Swamp). This work is necessary in order to construct the sand berm, which will provide the staging area for the deep-soil mixing needed to create the new dam in the north embankment.


Expect noise near the Clock Tower and near 252 Portage Lakes Dr. to continue. The sound may be comparable to jackhammering or heavy highway traffic. Work hours will generally be between 7 a.m. and 7 p.m. on weekdays, with the understanding there may be exceptions.


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