FROM: Republic Services

TO: Coventry Township Residents

Re:  Notice regarding COVID-19

While the full impact of the COVID-19 pandemic remains unclear, changes in residential volume necessitates adjustments to routes or schedules, and/or additional labor or equipment, which may require us to pass on additional costs and expenses. To assist in mitigating these risks and potential costs, and to allow our crews to focus on the priority of collecting residential solid waste from your community, we are requesting the following temporary adjustments to service, effective immediately:

  1. Limit residential set-out to “Cart Contents Only” meaning only the residential solid waste cart should be placed at the curb.
  2. Temporarily suspend bulk collection services. This is a less critical services to run during the pandemic and will free up our resources and assets to focus on the priority of solid waste collection.
  3. Temporarily suspending the collection of any yard waste. Much of this material can be composted or at the very least, stored for a future date when it can be collected and properly disposed of.
  4. Temporary suspension of recycling collection. Contaminants are at an all-time high. While so many people diligently prepare their material, others carelessly place items ‘they think” are or should be recyclable. The result is contaminants in the recycle stream and additional costs.

Solid Waste volumes are increasing over 30% and drivers must break off the routes early to travel to the disposal site. During this time, we ask that folks either use drop-off sites around the community for recyclables or that they store them for collection later. The last alternative would be for us to landfill them until things return to normal.

During this time, we will utilize  recycle truck to support the volume increases seen by the trash collection drivers. Residents can use their recycling container for overflow of trash volumes during this time. As long as they know that all recycling containers placed at the curb will be dumped by the trash trucks and material will be hauled to the landfill.

It is also possible that we will be forced to take additional steps if COVID-19 results in workforce disruptions, facility closures, and/or if other health and safety issues arise as this situation evolves. We are committed to working closely with you throughout this situation and communicating with you early and often to ensure transparency about potential changes to service and the costs associated with keeping our communities healthy and safe.

Please contact Republic Services directly with any questions you may have regarding these changes at 1-800-247-3644.


  • Posted April 15, 2020 Holly Morelock 6:40 pm

    Has coventry twp trash day pickup changed? 7am normally on Wed. It’s 7:40 pm trash not picked up yet. I know Covid 19 has caused disruptions everywhere, but just wondering if trash day changed. Thank you.

  • Posted April 27, 2020 Julie A Smith 12:38 pm

    Was just wondering how long it will take for recycling services to resume? It’s April 27th.

    • Posted April 28, 2020 Anna Bryant 3:04 pm

      Hi Julie – recycling has resumed as of Monday per Republic.

  • Posted April 27, 2020 Terry 7:18 pm

    It says that recycle cans will be picked up as regular trash. My recycle can was full and I had only 1 trash bag. I put the bag in the top of recycle can and put at road. They drove past my house and did not pick up.i called and they informed me that I had to have out the trash can to get the recycle picked up. How stupid does this sound and the price keeps going up. And they are telling us it going up again because of covid19. Again how stupid is this.

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