Issue 42: Parks & Recreation Levy

Issue 42: Parks & Recreation Levy


ISSUE 42 is an additional tax for the purpose of operating, improving and maintaining our
Township Parks.

  • 0.5 mill tax levy for 5 years
  • Cost to the owner of a $100,000 home will be $17.50 per year ($8.75 per half).

ISSUE 42 will allow the Township to perform general maintenance and make
infrastructure improvements to our Parks facilities.

  • We are seeing deterioration with our parks as far as roofing, tennis courts, irrigation
    systems, wells and parking lots.


Parks and recreation are essential to our community. They improve the local tax base and
increase private property values. Parks and recreation programs improve the health and wellbeing of
people of all ages in our community and are a reflection of the quality of life in our Township.

ISSUE 42 will allow us to improve and maintain the parks we currently have and implement
programs to improve the lives of our residents for years to come.

Without ISSUE 42 we will be forced to further decrease maintenance of our parks.

For more information on this levy, please call the
Coventry Township Administrator, Anna Bryant at 330-644-0785, ext. 690.

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