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George Beckham

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Zoning is designed to protect the health, safety and, welfare of those living in a community. Most zoning regulations are a matter of common sense, and help to make sure that people use their property in such a way that it is not detrimental to those living in the same area, or to the community as a whole.

Almost all construction, from fences and decks to homes and businesses, requires a zoning permit. A complete copy of the zoning code can either be downloaded from this site or purchased for a nominal fee at the zoning office.

In addition to the Zoning Inspector, Coventry Township has two appointed boards who deal with zoning related issues. The Zoning Commission holds meetings and public hearings for all changes to the Zoning Resolution. The Board of Zoning Appeals may grant variances for the zoning code after a public hearing is held. All adjacent property owners are notified if a request for a variance is made, and have the opportunity to state their opinions or concerns at the public hearing.



SEPTEMBER 14, 2017 - 7:00 p.m.

The following text will be published in the August 25th Edition of The Suburbanite.

The Coventry Township Board of Trustees will hold a Public Hearing in the Coventry Township Townhall, 68 Portage Lakes Drive , Akron, Ohio, 44319 (behind the Fire Station), at 7:00 P.M. Thursday September 14, 2017, to consider the following text changes to the Coventry Township Zoning Code initiated by the Zoning Commission:

19.00 K Electronic Message Signs : The revision is to revise the number of sign changes permitted from one per minute to up to six changes per minute, minimum time of message 10 seconds, and remove the Conditional Use requirement for over one sign change per minute.

Also to be considered at this hearing will be the recommendation of approval by the Summit County Planning Commission on the proposed text change from a Public Hearing on July 27, 2017, and the recommendation of approval by the Zoning Commission from a Public Hearing on August 15, 2017.

This text change becomes effective 30 days after action by the Board of Trustees.

Please click here to review the code section and related documents from Summit County Planning and the Coventry Zoning Commission.




Door to Door Solicitation and Parking Lot Sales No Longer Permitted in Coventry

Due to a large number of complaints by residents and business owners the Coventry Township Zoning Commission and Board of Trustees recently adopted regulations which no longer permit sales or soliciting orders by going “door to door” in neighborhoods and or “Transient Vendors” from setting up in parking lots and selling products.

Please contact the Zoning Office or the Summit County Sheriff if a door to door vendor comes through your neighborhood.

Groups operating under Non Profit Status are permitted to conduct door to door solicitations, but must register at the Zoning Office.