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Northeast Ohio Storm Water Training Council

Ohio Department of Transportation - O.D.O.T.

Ohio Division of Surface Water- Storm Water Management

Ohio E.P.A.

Summit County Engineer

Summit Soil & Water Conservation District

Road Superintendent, Lael Stouffer

Monday - Friday
7:00 a.m. - 3:30 p.m.

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The Coventry Township Road Department maintains 54.52 miles of township roads. Road Department employees also help maintain the township parks, buildings and cemeteries. Township roads are resurfaced, through a "Chip & Seal" process, every six years on an alternating basis. The Road Department maintains all signs as well as ditches along township roads.

The Road Department does not maintain all of the roads that are in the Township. Most of the main roadways through the Township are maintained by either Summit County or the State of Ohio. A few fall under the City of Akron's jurisdiction.
Summit County Roads:
Portage Lakes Drive
North Turkeyfoot Road
South Turkeyfoot Road
Killian Road
Lockwood Road
State Road
Robinson Avenue
Cormany Road
State Mill Road
South Main Street
Warner Road
Harrington Road
South Arlington Street
State of Ohio Roads:
Manchester Road (SR. 93)
W. Turkeyfoot Lake Road (SR. 619)
City of Akron Roads:
Glenmount Avenue
Swartz Road


Coventry Township Road Department was recently featured in Roads & Bridges magazine for their excellent work on restoring and improving the shoreline along Portage Lakes Drive and S. Turkeyfoot near the Coventry Clock Tower.

Please follow the link below to read the article.

Coventry Township, Ohio, finds effective way to handle its shoreline

Polluted stormwater run-off can have many adverse effects on plants, fish,animals, and people.

Click here for a Guide to Understanding Storm Water and how you can help keep our drinking water safe and our lakes and streams healthy.

More information can be found at Summit Soil & Water Conservation District

Clean StormWater Solutions that will beautify your property and help the environment!

Visit Summit Soil and Water Conservation District for more information on these topics.

Township Flooding & Drainage Problems

Please Click Here:
Drainage Revisited, from Ohio Township News - November/December 2010

This article contains information which explains the Township's responsibility and authority for entering on private property to address drainage problems and the responsibility of you, the homeowner for preventing drainage problems on your property and the property of your neighbors.


Why Roadside Ditches?
The question is often asked "Why does Summit County prefer open roadside ditches along County roads instead of enclosed pipe drainage systems?

Please follow the link below for information.
~ click here ~


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