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Open Burning

Ohio Department of Health

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Summit County Emergency Management Agency - (EMA)

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Open Burning in Ohio is strictly regulated by Ohio Administrative Code (OAC) 3745-19 and the Ohio Fire Code to reduce pollution and the chance of accidental fire damage.

The Fire Department is not the enforcement agency for open burning violations, unless there is a health or life-safety threat.

For complaints or questions about open burning, please contact Akron Regional Air Quality Management District at
(330) 375-2480.


The following circumstances are the only allowable situations when burning is legal by the Ohio EPA and the Ohio Fire Code.

  • Recreational fires are allowed if the fuel area is less than 3 feet in diameter and less than 2 feet in height.
  • Fires must use CLEAN SEASONED wood or clean burning fuels (i.e. natural gas or propane) ONLY.
  • Fires must not be used to dispose of household waste
    (ex. Leaves, trash, brush, or other unwanted waste).
  • Must have an adequate fire extinguishing agent immediately available (ex. Water hose, fire extinguisher, sand).
  • Must be 25 feet from any structure or can be as close as 15 feet from a structure in an approved fire container as determined by the fire official.
  • Burning shall be prohibited during days when air advisories are in effect (ozone and/or particulate alert days). Call 330-375-2545 for a recorded message to see if an air advisory is in effect for that day.
  • Open Burning that is offensive or objectionable (determined by the fire official) because of smoke or odor or creates an undue fire hazard shall be prohibited.